Tokyo Teppan Tokyodon

Tokyo Teppan

Tokyo Teppan was created and one that features the delights of traditional Teppanyaki food presented in an environment where the chef'fs kitchen and the dining area are infused into a modern dining space. Specialising in cooking meats such as steak and seafood to dough based foods like yakisoba and rice, all on our griddle-style cooking plate.

Popular with both corporate and family dining, diners enjoy Tokyo Teppan'fs cooking not only for the fresh, flavorful Japanese ingredients, but also for the performance artistry of the teppanyaki chef who masterfully chops and dices the food, then sets the entire grill aflame in the blink of an eye.

Together with the debut of Tokyo Don, we were offered dining spaces at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur's newest lifestyle precinct Tokyo Street. Tokyo Street was positioned as the 'Definitive Tokyo of Malaysia', offering Japanese food, retail and services, all under one precinct.

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Tokyo Don

Tokyo Don is a signature restaurant specialising in Donburi (general term for 'bowl'). It serves the popular Japanese 'rice in a bowl' with over 20 choices of dishes on the menu. Popular choices includes Tempura Seafood, Oyakodon (chicken, egg, onion on rice) and Gyudon (beef and onion on rice), amongst others.

Tokyo Don's menu is focused on serving only the Donburi dishes. As the restaurant is located adjacent to Tokyo Teppan, cross ordering of food is allowed, which provides for more dining variety for guests.

With an interior that is both casual and welcoming, Tokyo Don attracts families and friends wanting to find a sumptuous wholesome Japanese meal.

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